Happy Things #4

happy things #4
Hello gang! I hope you are well? I'm back again with a Happy Things post! It's been awhile but better late than never, eh?! 

01. I did a Halloween photo-shoot last week and I had so much fun! Me and Tim got some brilliant photos and I couldn't be more happy! I wanted the look to feel creepy and something completely different to my outfit of the day posts!

02. I got myself a slow cooker and it's amazing! Honestly gang, go get one! I got mine in Morrisons for only £14 and it's the perfect size for about four people. I have cooked so many amazing meals from pulled pork to chicken curry with loads of leftovers left for the week. I love the fact you just pop it on and leave it without the worry of it burning! It's the best thing to have this season with hot casseroles! 

03. I had my hair cut way shorter! If you follow me on twitter you will know I moan a lot about my sides not growing, so I cut all my hair to the same length! I love it because I have never had this style before and the condition is amazing. Keep your eyes out for a photo!

04. I finished The Walking Dead Season 7 and my god, it was amazing! I found it a little slow at the start but boy, it was the ending I have been waiting for. Gutted at all the people who are not in it anymore but I can't wait for season 8! I'll be waiting for it to come out on DVD as I like to binge watch so about in a years time I will know what happens (sigh)

05. I have been so busy still with my essays but I have started my 5th and I have one more after that! To be honest I have really enjoyed it. If you didn't know I'm going though all the stages of training to become a counsellor and I'm at the bottom of the pile learning about all the approaches and theories!

What is making you happy at the moment?
Let me know down below!

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