How I Grew My Fashion Confidence

how i grew my fashion confidence
Having zero confidence is awful. I suffered from this for all my teen years. I didn't feel like I fitted in, didn't wear what I wanted and never fully pushed myself to be "me".  As I got older I would say it got worse, forming BDD. This past year my goal was to grow it and get my confidence better. I did just that. I made myself a plan and I've stuck to it. Small changes create big changes. The truth is nothing happened overnight but within a week I started to feel better and in turn, did more. I do believe that confidence grows with age and this year I'm 24! Today I thought I would share some tips that may help you make changes to feel better in your own skin and style.

I suffered for a long time not being able to wear what I wanted. I honestly couldn't even wear shorts without feeling awful. I was careful in what I would buy and a number of times I left a shop feeling sad because I couldn't wear half the things was getting worse and worse. I have always been that kind of girl to wear a grungy style but even being able to pull off a look wasn't enough. I couldn't dye my hair any colour other than black, I felt like I was a fake when I would wear band tees. I felt like jewellery would draw to my attention to me and in turn, make people look. It really got into a vicious cycle. I started melting away when I was 18. I look back at photos of myself and I think "who the hell are you!".

I sat back and thought to myself one crap afternoon "I have had enough of not being who I want to be". I then created a plan in my head and I haven't looked back. It wasn't easy, nothing in life is easy but I told myself I had to stick to it! The first thing I did was hit the town, I had £20. I got myself some fishnet socks, two crop tops and a bright blue liquid lipstick. It might sound crazy, just these three things were going to change me? I bet your thinking right now, whatever hun! But they did.

As soon as I got home I sorted my wardrobe, I threw everything that wasn't me and I'm talking A LOT went in the bin. All that was left were things that I knew in my heart were me. I started planning looks, trying on everything and adding things I wouldn't have. The first look I pulled off being me 100% was black high-waisted ripped jeans, a Metallica crop top and fishnet socks with black chunky boots. I did my hair blue again and I then put on my blue lipstick. I remember looking in the mirror and feeling amazing! I only added three things that my low confidence held back and I was buzzing.

As the weeks went on I would try my clothes in different ways, adding and taking away and I felt I was growing myself more and more. Every time I went out I made myself wear something different and in turn, I felt better for it! I dyed my hair bright blue and I cut my hair into a new style and I haven't looked back! I even started wearing false nails! Now when I go shopping I buy things that I normally wouldn't have and I'm slowly building myself up and I'm loving it! 

I guess what I'm saying is if you want something go get it but with baby steps! Don't just jump in but get yourself ready. We all have it in us to be able to feel confident and it can be achieved. You don't need to do drastic things or huge things, just do what feels best for you!

Download the below image and use it as a quick guide to help you out! Save it, print it and use it!

Do you feel you need more confidence?
What do you do to make yourself feel better?

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