Things You Should Do This Autumn/Winter

Okay so this post is something that is making me a little to excited! This is my most loved and cherished time of the year! Autumn/Winter is something that I start planning at the start of August, no lie! Today I thought I was put together a little list of things that you can do this year. I think this season is the time to get out there and explore and have fun and most of all, eat drink and be cosy!

01. Go to a pumpkin patch and pick out some pumpkins. These could be fore decorating or cooking, pumpkin soup or pie are ideal this season! There are so many places around that let you go pick some out and most of the time they are even better than the ones in the shop. I think it's a lovely day out for all the family and you also have a lovely place to get some autumnal photos.

02. Cook up some warm meals and pudding. Think casseroles packed with vegetables severed with boiling hot mashed potato, roast dinners covered in gravy and even home cooked curry. I adore eating all the seasonal vegetables and parsnips are one of my true loves! Baking in the colder months is lovely too, think hot apple crumble with cinnamon and custard or warm cookies and a pot of tea!

03. Go to a fireworks display and make the most of the cold nights wrapped up with a hot chocolate in hand. They are still just as exciting! Grab some sparklers and enjoy the night sky being light up into a range of colours! Again this is a lovely thing to do with family, you could even have a party in your back garden with a bonfire and roast marshmallows and make jacket potato's. 

04. Decorate your home with as many autumn/winter bits as you can. Think pine-cones, brown early tones, wreaths, pumpkins, fairy lights. You could create a cosy area with lots of blankets and pretty smelling candles! Fill your home with all the things that will give you real cosy vibes!

05. Read and watch more movies. There is nothing better when it's all cold outside to just stay in your Pj's and get cosy with some good film and read that book you said you would or watch some of your old favourite movies and box-sets. Have a real pamper while doing it, face packs, do your nails and moisturise your skin. Just chill, be in the moment.

06. Go to a Christmas market and stock up on hand-made bits to gift to your loved ones. Don't forget to sample some food and drink! Mulled wine?! Just going to a Christmas market gets you all festive and ready for the big day and there is nothing better than being in a place that makes everyone happy for the same reason.

07. Take a walk in the forest, soak up the changes that are happening. Kick your feet in the fallen orange leaves. Once your all tired and hungry why not pop to the local pub where you can get warm by the fire and fill your belly with some much deserved food! Roast dinners are brilliant but even fish and chips hits the spot in the winter!

I hope you like these ideas and give a few a try this season!
I'm super excited to get out there and have some adventures and I can't wait for Christmas!


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