About Me

Fixmeinfortyfive is written by me, Stacey Barber. I'm twenty three years old and married. I started this blog in 2014 and haven't looked back. I have always loved writing, photography and beauty so it was fate I would start this blog! I do find this to be my main hobby and I really enjoy creating content for my readers. I'm a massive skincare obsessive with a whole area in the bathroom full of things to make my skin feel amazing! My bedroom is full of my clothes and makeup and I always buy something for my obsessions when I go out!

I post twice a week and I range in what content that will be. I post fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Fashion can be anything from a outfit of the day, wish lists, new in. Beauty can be a review, skincare help, face of the day, what I'm wearing at the moment. Lifestyle can be anything from recipes, what I'm up to and mental health.

I suffer from OCD, PTSD and BDD. I like to post advice on asking for help, tips and give as much support as I can to others. 
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