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I'm very happy to receive products to review on my blog, just give me an email and we can go from there! I will always give my honest opinion on things I have been sent just as if I had purchased them myself. I will always state that something has been sent to me in the blog post with an (*) and a disclaimer at the end. I will always leave a link back to buy the product. 

Sponsored posts:
I do accept sponsored posts but only on something I believe in and that reflects my blog. I'm very happy to chat to you about this so please email me. I like to keep everything in order on my blog so I do not accept 3rd party images and stock unless it's a wish list type of post.

Guest Posts:
I write everything on this blog and I don't accept guest posts as I like to create all of the content.

Please email me:

Brands I have worked with:
Please see here at the brands I have worked with

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