Crazy Creative Cool Review

CraZyCreativeCool is a community for anyone and everyone. An empowering place to be if I’m honest with you. With an Instagram full of positive and amazing writing you are missing out if they are not in your followers list. Mental wellness is their number one goal and with their shop your sure to find something to help you on your journey. Today I’m reviewing two of their items and I can promise you, they rock.

Crazy Creative Cool Review. Mental health journal and habit tracker. Mental Health Blog UK

When Suz, the founder of CraZyCreativeCool got in touch for me to review some pieces from the shop I was excited. It was a mixture of the fact their Instagram just screamed “this is going to be amazing” and the fact it’s a mental health related work book and tracker. The two pieces I received are the Perspective Journal and a Habit Tracker.

CrazyCreativeCool Habit Tracker Review on a mental health blog UK

Habit Tracker

The habit tracker is made to track your habits. These could be good ones such as, taking your medication, walking, taking time out. You can also track bad habits which is what I used mine for. I’m in the process of trying to stop skin picking once and for all! The idea is you track six habits and you write them at the top, above the boxes, and each day you tick off if you managed to do or not do it.

The design is just flawless and it’s so simple and easy to use. Tracking habits is such a great way to beat something or to do something more. It’s there on paper and it reminds you to keep going. This tracker is on a monthly basis so you have 31 whole days to track and then you can start a new one next month. I have found it such a mindful process every evening coming back to my tracker and monitoring if I managed to do and not do the things I’m watching. It was also always in the back of my mind, so when I did go to skin pick I remembered I’m tracking so I should stop. It’s such a lovely way to see how you are doing and it really does give you that extra motivation to keep going.

Crazy Creative Cool perspective journal review. Mental Health Blogger UK

Perspective Journal

This journal is the journal of all journals, it’s amazing. Just like the habit tracker it’s a 30 day job to help inspire, empower and stop that negative voice we all have. We all do it, we put ourselves down, we make our own life hard and we can make ourselves feel pretty crap. This journal is here to stop that and have a good perspective on ourselves and life. This journal follows the “Three Pillars of Perspective” which are: Positivity Pillar, Practising Gratitude, Productivity Pillar, Pondering Pillar and Journalling and Self Reflection - pretty cool, right?

Each day starts off with asking you what your affirmation is for the day which is lovely. This is something that you think is true about yourself and helps you become who you want to be. One of the days I wrote “I’m Brave”. Next on the cards is something you feel grateful for in the morning. This is to help you start the day of being positive and reminds you that there is a lot of good in life at that moment. Then your asked, what can I do to make today even better. I really love this one as it could be anything that suits just you. It could be go for a walk, have your favourite lunch or do something fun. Writing down something that would help you have a good day is such a brilliant idea and it helps you know what you need or want. Talking about that negative voice the next thing to journal is, How do I feel about myself today? Why? Am I being my own friend or enemy? This one here I think is so important as we sometimes are so nasty to ourselves. I know I am to myself a lot of the time! It’s good to write down these moments and learn from them.

The way I use this journal is do the first page in the morning and then do the second at night. That way it makes it last the day and the next page will be more fitting. The next journal entry is, things I learnt today. Writing things down that you have learnt will help you grow and it’s good to reflect on things like this in the future. The next one focuses on the next day and it’s, one action I can take first thing tomorrow to feel good. I really love writing this one every night as it helps me know what I will need and I stick to it. Lastly it’s another affirmation, no matter my ever changing circumstances, I know that I am:. This is the perfect way to end the day and it’s something positive to ground yourself and remind yourself of something good.

This journal also has a habit tracker, things I want to complete today section and everyday it has a new prompt. Overall I’m loving using it everyday. I find it relaxing, mindful and very helpful. Starting out the day with something positive is such a help to me suffering with OCD, each morning can be filled with dread about the thoughts I might have. It’s such a lovely way to track your days and to look back on in the future. 30 days is a long time to track, it might not look like it, but it really is! Each day you need to think about something positive about yourself which, at the time, can feel a little strange but boy, it’s empowering! The journal is also packed full of inspiring information to help you on changing your perspective.

Both these items are amazing, period. They look great and they are so fun and helpful. Anyone and everyone should grab the journal and tracker. They are perfect for looking after your mental health, getting yourself into a positive mindset or just being mindful everyday. I have found them so helpful for keeping track of my habits in a fun, technology free way and I’m excited to look back in a few years to see how far Iv’e come!

There is lots over on their shop, stickers, wall charts and another book. Check out their site and shop and start habit tracking! I promise, you will become hooked!

i was sent these items to review but as always, all opinions are my own

Stacey Barber