Things you should never feel guilty about with your mental health

Mental health and guilt are two things that go hand in hand. One before the other or sometimes the other way round. Feeling guilty for your mental health sucks and it can bring with it so many emotions that leave you feeling like the worst human ever. Things you could do but now can’t make you feel like a failure. Not seeing or answering calls makes you feel like the worst friend/family member. This is the problem with mental health. On top of all the issues you are facing you also feel guilty.

things you should never feel guilty about with your mental health. Mental Health Blogger UK

1. Not answering the phone

On days where you feel talking about your issues or hearing how other people's lives are going well isn’t going to help ignoring the phone is best. Your friends and family will always be there and you can have some time away if you need. Don’t feel guilty for just having some alone time. People will understand.

2. Eating all the comfort food

When your at a low eating healthy is the last thing on your mind and that is okay. If all you can manage is something like a pizza or a ready meal then so be it. Of course the healthy option is always better for both your body and mental health but at times the convenience food is needed! Don’t be mean to yourself regarding this - any food is better than none!

3. Not changing out of your PJS

On bad days the last thing you want to do is get dressed and that is okay. If you spend all day or even a few days in your Pj’s it doesn’t mean that you are now a slob or useless, you are just having a bad time. Give yourself the time you need and if that means not changing then so be it!

4. Having some time off work/school

When your mental health is bad work can be the last thing on your mind and taking time off is needed. You should always do this when it’s at a point where you know you can’t handle it then do it. It will do you more good than going in and it will help you when you go back in as you will have had the time you needed! If you were ill with an awful bug you would have time off so why is this different?

5. Being moody/irritable with people

Mental health can make us think and do some strange, odd and sometimes mean things. It happens to everyone. When you are feeling like this and so lash out at someone don’t feel guilty. You can once you feel better say sorry and explain why you did it and I’m sure they will understand. Mental health is something that can turn us into someone we hate but there is always light at the end of the tunnel - you didn’t choose this!

6. being ill

This is by far the most important thing - don't feel guilty for being ill. You didn't choose this, you don't want this and you can't help it, so why feel guilty? You are fighting everyday to keep strong and deal with the battle you are in so don't add more pressure to it. You are always doing the best you can so be proud not guilty!

Mental health affects each person differently but the only thing that runs the same is you shouldn't ever feel guilty!  Give yourself a little bit more self love and let this post be a sign that you are doing the best you can!

Stacey Barber