Hope With OCD By Lynn Crilly book review

Lynn Crilly is a a counsellor and author from the UK. When her daughter Samantha began a struggle with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) Lynn decided to help her herself. Hope With OCD is a guide all about what OCD is and how to help someone who has it. 

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Hope with OCD is a self-help guide for people who know someone who has OCD. Written by someone who has first hand experience of looking after someone with this awful disorder, Lynn takes you on a journey of education, advice and hope. The start of the book takes us back to when Lynn's daughter Samantha was diagnosed with Anorexia and OCD. A heartbreaking time which I think so many people will relate to. 

The book consists of ten chapters and each are full of so much information and even notes from people who suffer from OCD, including Samantha. Chapter one takes the reader on a journey of what OCD is, what it isn't and what causes OCD. I'm pleased that Lynn included misconceptions in this chapter as when someone is trying to help someone who has OCD they need a clear understanding of what it is. OCD is a scary and sometimes a very strange disorder due to thoughts people have and the image of OCD in the media is far from the truth. As the book goes on Lynn goes into great detail on all the different types of OCD, they are not just written in the book they are explained and you gain a lot of knowledge about each type and how it can manifest itself. Reading this information whilst living with OCD myself the detail is amazing and I found it really helpful to show my partner. Trying to explain parts of OCD yourself can be really hard so the attention to detail was really helpful. 

Lynn talks about how to recognise OCD and she has a full chapter dedicated to different therapies regarding OCD. A lot of people find it hard to ask for help or they have in the past and it's not helped at all. Lynn says, "One OCD sufferer may respond very well to a certain treatment, while it may have little or no effect on someone else who has also been diagnosed with OCD" she has every type of therapy proven to help with OCD. I think this is a brilliant idea for friends and family of sufferers. It can help them understand what can help their loved ones and guide them in the right direction. So many times people get lost in the system but having knowledge of what is out there does bring hope.  Lynn also touches on other mental illness with OCD such as anxiety, depression, self-harm and anorexia and again she gives so much detail about each disorder so your not left alone.

Remember, it is the OCD you are fighting, not each other
— Lynn Crilly

Hope With OCD is such an informative book yet it doesn't fall into a classic text book, it more feels like someone has kindly written everything down you need to know about helping someone with OCD. I have read this book as a sufferer of OCD and Lynn has really pushed the points of what helps and doesn't help. Finding a balance can be hard when OCD has hold of someone you love but Lynn is so correct when she talks about finding humour and not getting annoyed at the thoughts and things someone with OCD has/does.  The book is so insightful and for anyone caring for someone with OCD you will get all the answers you want and you will start to understand what it going on in your loved ones head.  You will also realise that you are not alone in caring for someone yourself and you will recognise yourself in Lynn and her families story and she offers so much advice on what you can do yourself to help them. Whether your caring for your partner, friend, teen or child this book covers every single scenario possible to help you give them the best care. 

Not only will you get educated on what OCD is but you will learn about every aspect of OCD recovery and the ups and downs of what OCD is. It will help you separate the person from the illness, the most important thing of all. The title is true, there is hope with OCD and it can be managed through education, acceptance and working together. 

If you are looking for an advice on how to help someone who has OCD then this book is for you. I can promise it's a book you won't regret buying, reading and learning from.

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*I was sent this book to review. All opinions are my own.

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