Why Having a mental health break Is Important

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The thought of taking a day off work or missing a lovely day out can leave us feeling guilty and worthless. It's a fact that when we cancel plans or take a day off we will feel bad for it and in many cases we won't and we carry on as normal, even when we know we shouldn't.  When we look at mental health we sometimes see it as something we shouldn't use to not do something and it's easier to say we have a bug or a bad cold. The thought of telling your boss your mental health is bad or telling your friend your struggling with depression is hard and we don't due to feeling guilty and being judged. The truth is there is nothing to feel guilty about when you need to take a mental health day and you sure as hell shouldn't feel judged, if you do then it says more about them than you, fact.  

When your sick with a bad bug you take time off. This could be work, duties around the house or even going out for drinks with friends. You do it for many reasons but the main one is so you can get better quicker and this is the same for your mental health! Looking after yourself is number one priority when you are struggling with your mental health and getting yourself back into a good place is so important. You can't live a life with mental health and not take time for yourself, it's impossible.  When your feeling burnt out or at a loss with your mental health just take a break. This could be for a day or longer and it will help. You can use the time to catch up on sleep, eating better or just sitting and doing nothing. Taking time away from work and home duties will give you the space to look after yourself and rest and get mentally recharged. Of course I'm not saying that a day off is going to cure your mental health issues, sometimes professional help is needed. 

1. Don't feel guilty

You wouldn't feel guilty for taking time off if you broke your leg so why is your mental health different? Don't feel guilty! You are taking time off to look after yourself. If it's from work they will manage and if it's from home duties someone else can pick up your load. Your not a machine and sometimes you need a break. Let people know what is bothering you and what they can do to help. It could be simple things like your partner cooks dinner more and does some cleaning or it might be something bigger like your college takes on a little more work for a few days. Either way your looking after your health and you shouldn't feel guilty. I think you will be surprised at how much people will want to help you.

2. Rest, rest and rest!

When you are on your on your break for your mental health rest! Don't use this time to do random jobs that you have been meaning to get around to or spending your time stressing because your having time off! Get yourself into bed and catch up on some sleep. When we don't get enough sleep we become more anxious and depressed. If your struggling to sleep go visit your GP and they might be able to give you something for the short term. Try and find things that help you relax and do them. Reading, walking, TV or even just having a peaceful cup of tea can help you feel more refreshed and ready to get back into the swing of things. 

3. It will benefit you & others

Not only will you feel better after having some much needed time off but it will help others as well. You will go back into work with a refreshed brain and soul your work flow will be better and your boss will love you for it. If you have had time off from home duties you will come back ready to take over again but less stressed, so no more arguments over tiny things that mean nothing. Looking after yourself looks after others around you -  because they can get on without worrying so much about you!

4. It's good for the soul

Taking time off for your mental health is so so good for you. It just gives you that space and time to sort out what is going on and just giving yourself some time to heal. Self care is so important and it really does make you feel good. Even if all you plan to do is eat, sleep and have a bubble bath it will make you feel better.  Just giving yourself some much needed care does wonders on the body and mind. Time out is proven to make time in better. 

If your thinking you need a break take it. Don't feel guilty and use it to your full advantage.