Setting Mindful Goals For The Day

When living with a mental illness your days can sometimes all become one. Time just passes and before you know it you haven't managed to do anything and then the awful feeling sinks in. Today I'm talking about mindful goals for the day when your mental health isn't great.

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When your mental illness is at an all time low most of the time you get nothing done and that can leave you feeling worse. You might have only got a drink in the day or managed to get out of bed and move to the sofa. The truth is these days do hit with mental health and they suck but there is things you can do to make those days a little better. If your feeling crap because your not doing anything or getting anything done around the house this post is for you! I'm talking about mindful goals that can help you feel like your achieving something and even help you get out of the darkness. Mindful goals are small, simple and easy things you can do at anytime during the day. Nothing big but nothing too small - they are just right. You might manage a few in a day or you might just finish one but numbers don't matter with these goals, as long as you do at least one your on the right road!  I set myself goals like this throughout the day and I start with the simple ones and work up to some that are a little harder. 

1.Get out of bed

Even if you then move to the sofa get out of bed and be in a new room. The living room is perfect but a garden better!

2. Have something to eat

You need to eat to give your body and mind all the nutrients it needs.  It doesn't matter what it is, just eat!

3.  Change your clothes

Change out of what you are wearing and put something clean on. Opt for something super comfy and cosy!

4. Have a shower

Pop in the shower or bath. Wash your face, hair and really take some time with it. It will make you feel so much better!

7.  Tidy your home

Got a junk draw? Sort it! Hover, polish and tidy. Maybe even change the room up. Take time and throw out things you no longer need!

5. Reach out to someone

Text or call someone and have a chat. You don't have to tell them you are struggling. Just interact with someone!

8. Go for a long walk

Take a stroll through the park or if your lucky to live by the beach better. Take a snack and drink and soak up the sun. Take photos on your phone and be in the moment!

6.  Cook something new

This could be a cake or a main meal. Take time with each step of a recipe and be mindful of what you are doing!

9. Plan something to do in the week

Arrange a trip with friends or family. Maybe lunch? Out to a park? Or even just a BBQ in the garden.  Get everyone together and have lots of fun!


Goals like this when your having a hard time can help you have a sense of worth - even if they are not big it's still something amazing! Start small and work your way up. Before you know it you have done one, then two and maybe in a few weeks you have managed all of them. Goal setting is so important when your suffering with a mental illness because it helps you get out of that awful rut of staying in bed or not changing your clothes. You could even set your own goals to suit your needs. The thing is don't put pressure on yourself because it always leads to a fail and sometimes it makes you feel worse. One goal a day to start and built it up slowly and I promise when you tick them off the list it will make you feel amazing!  

Stacey Barber