Privacy Policy

Hello I'm Stacey Barber and I run Fix Me In Forty Five. With the introduction of the GDPR regulations I'm obliged to let you know the type of information I'm likely to hold about you and what I may do with it.

The information I may hold could be: Username / Your Name Email Address IP Address

Sharing of data and how long it's kept 1. Your data from comments you have left will remain on this site unless you remove it or ask me to remove it. You still own all your rights to this data and you can remove it at any time. Your data is never rented, sold or shared with anyone else

Using this site

On this site I may collect your IP address, location and I will be able to see the page that you have looked at. I cannot see your IP address. This is collected through my host, Square Space. This is only to allow me to look at my web traffic stats and see what people are looking at. This is by no way collecting information about you. All of this information is stored within Square Space. I use Google Analytics for Fix Me In Forty Five. It collects information regarding stats: age, location, gender. This stores cookies for keeping track of usage data. On this site I often link to external sources E.G, Mental Health Charities and Bloggers. Clicking on these links is same as if you had visited them directly. They may collect data on you.


If you contact me via my Contact Form I will receive an email with your email address. This is so I can get back in touch with you. I do not store email addresses on anything. I will only have your email as we are in communication. This is the same as if you were to email me directly. Your email address is never rented, sold or shared with anyone else

Comments On this blog comments are done through Disqus. When you leave a comment what you write will remain on this site e.g, URL. Any other information shown is what you have placed on your Disqus profile, e.g, name. If you no longer want your comment on this site you can delete it at anytime or ask me to do so. You can read Disqus Privacy Policy. >Please contact me if you have any questions